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Suggestions are invited from citizens to on-board more Government services on online platform

Government of Goa is committed towards continuous progress of e-Governance in the state. ...

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Government of Goa is committed towards continuous progress of e-Governance in the state.
In this direction, Government is keen to on-board more online G2C services. We value input from citizens and call for suggestions that would enhance government service delivery in the state.

Hence, Department of Information Technology, Government of Goa, requests all citizens to give their valuable ideas and feedback, and help us to enhance government service delivery in the state

Please submit your suggestions on:

    Your views on availing G2C services online.
    Suggestions to integrate any additional Government service/list of services from various sectors on online platform
    Ideas to enhance existing online services, making them user friendly and convenient to citizens.
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Venu Aravind 11 months 1 week ago

The "Goa Vision 2035" can be brought in reality by slowly implementing the schemes in next 5year plans or soo..
Also, A detailed out master plan could be also proposed based on the same vision. Hopefully in near future.


Parshuram Prabhu 11 months 2 weeks ago

Small tourism projects like Chota Kashmir, Chota Manali or Switzerland, small pond boating, trum trum rail need to start in goa to boost tourism and also trum trum shall make sure that quick transport. We need an internal rail facility for goa for quick transport.


Parshuram Prabhu 11 months 2 weeks ago

KTCL needs to modernize and the ticket system must be the same for all the routes. Currently, people have to rely on the token in a denomination like Rs 5, Rs 3, and Rs 10 or 20. So this system needs to change and need to introduce easy pass system for all the people for all KTC and private bus or smart card to be introduced to save the time of the ticket. This work can be given to goan based startup.


Parshuram Prabhu 11 months 2 weeks ago

All the services like change of ration card, correction of ration name, and likewise, all the services must be available online. Currently, all the services of ration, electricity, municipal, gram panchayat are not available online, due to which we have to travel again and again to office. Govt servants are also not showing any interest in quickly resolving the issues.


HINDUJA HOSPITAL community DR Banshidhar Sahu 11 months 2 weeks ago



Krishna Hanumanta Dhotre 11 months 2 weeks ago

Online filing of RTI requests with respect to all State Government Departments and Autonomous bodies & Corporations, including payment of application fee and cost of documents by credit/debit card or net banking. Such facility is operational in Central Government and States of Karnataka, Maharashtra etc.

Online centers should be nearby of rural area and urban areas.